10 Questions to Ask When Choosing An Orthodontist

You’ve found a qualified, licensed orthodontist and are eager to visit their office, but before the visit get prepared. Finding the right orthodontist is an important decision that’s why we’ve created this list of 10 questions to ask when choosing an orthodontist. It is important to be armed with knowledge and the right questions to ask so you can evaluate what type of care you (or your child) will receive.

We know you want to find the best care and get an excellent result at an affordable price, so we’ve put together this list of questions to take on your visit. It is important to come prepared with a list of questions about the different types of braces available, the care required for each type, cost requirements, length of treatments, and results.

Here is our recommended top 10 list of questions to ask when choosing an orthodontist:

  1. What kind of exam do you perform before developing a treatment plan? Do you take a full perio probe, x-rays, orthodontic photos, a 3-D scan, or impression? Will you also check my (or the patient’s) oral health?
  2. Why are you closed one day during the week? How can you accommodate my schedule?
  3. Is the price negotiable? Or, if I find a lower price for the same treatment, will you negotiate the cost of treatment?
  4. Do you receive incentives that influence your decisions in treatment?
  5. Did you receive training in your orthodontic educational program on clear aligners?
  6. What percentage of patients do you treat with clear aligners?
  7. Am I (or the patient) a candidate for clear aligners? What are the risks of treating with fixed brackets and wires vs. clear aligners?
  8. Do you make more money, on average, from patients who wear fixed brackets and wires than you do on patients in clear aligners?
  9. How often will I need to schedule appointments while in treatment?
  10. Does your office have a policy about recycling or a commitment to offset how much plastic is used here?

These questions are necessary when choosing a traditional orthodontist to ensure you receive quality care, don’t pay more than you have to, and aren’t inconvenienced by unnecessary office visits.

The Alternative Option: Teleorthodontics

Luckily, there are more options when looking to straighten your teeth these days. Traditional brackets and wire braces are not the only option any more for patients looking to improve their smile. Clear aligners provide many more benefits and are an effective alternative to traditional braces. It’s key to ensure that the orthodontist you are talking to considers clear aligners as a treatment option.

With teleorthodontics, there’s no need to spend precious time in traffic going to unnecessary appointments, or paying more than necessary. Clear Blue Smiles is a new clear aligner delivery company committed to a higher standard of care and environmental responsibility. We’ll happily answer the ten questions above and we think you’ll like our answers!

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