Bamboo Toothbrushes: Better Than Plastic Ones?

bamboo toothbrush versus plastic toothbrush

The simple answer? Yes, bamboo toothbrushes are better than plastic ones. Switching to a bamboo toothbrush is a simple way to reduce the use of plastic at home. Plastic toothbrushes – just like drinking straws and other types of single-use plastic – are extremely difficult to recycle and don’t break down in the environment. Bamboo is biodegradable and has a considerably smaller ecological footprint compared to plastic.

Over a billion toothbrushes will be thrown away in the U.S. this year and most of them are plastic. That’s enough to wrap around the Earth four times!

“Plastic has so fully infiltrated toothbrush design that it’s nearly impossible to clean our teeth without touching a polymer,” according to a feature on the subject by National Geographic. “And because plastic is essentially indestructible, that means nearly every single toothbrush made since the 1930s is still out there in the world somewhere.”

Switching from a toothbrush with a plastic handle to one with a bamboo handle is a small change for you, but makes a big impact on the environment. Bamboo toothbrushes, like those made by EVAS, are made from Mao bamboo, which is sustainably sourced and biodegradable. They are also BPA-free. Additionally, bamboo is naturally antimicrobial, so you won’t have to worry about bacteria growing in your handle.

Clear Blue Smiles Environmental Pledge

At Clear Blue Smiles, we take corporate responsibility very seriously. We pledge to make a positive impact on the environment by partnering with companies who share our same values. We’ve partnered with Ocean Blue Project to remove plastic from our oceans and waterways.  To help reduce the amount of plastic in our environment, we are also excited to partner with EVAS, a bamboo toothbrush company with a goal of reducing waste and providing eco-friendly alternatives.

“We actively want to reduce the amount of plastic people use everyday. One way we are doing this is by providing all Clear Blue Smiles patients with a bamboo toothbrush from our partners at EVAS,” said Kevin Dillard, Clear Blue Smiles Co-Founder and CEO. “We hope patients will see that the bamboo toothbrushes are equally as effective as their plastic counterparts and make the switch.” 

Clear Blue Smiles is proud to work with EVAS not just to fulfill our mission of leaving the earth a better place than we found it, but also to highlight a wonderful business with a similar commitment to sustainability. Clear Blue Smiles clients may only be in clear aligner treatment for a short time. However, we’re excited to introduce people to other earth-friendly habits they can stick with for life.  EVAS Founder and CEO Jake Money shared how our cooperation will help magnify their work:

“When we set out on our journey to reduce plastic waste, we knew we couldn’t accomplish it on our own. Our partnership with Clear Blue Smiles is a great step towards helping people make the switch from plastic to bamboo. We’re extremely excited to be working alongside a company that has a shared vision of helping our earth.”

When superior products intersect with sustainable living, you’ve got a winning combination for your oral health needs. Between preventing plastic toothbrushes from finding their way to the oceans with EVAS and removing existing plastic with Ocean Blue Project, we can make a difference!

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