Healthy Habits Have Positive Impact on Environment

Healthy habits can have an immense impact beyond your own personal wellness. Small daily changes to your routine can benefit you and have a positive impact on the environment. Drinking enough water daily and flossing your teeth may come second nature to most people, but there are some who can struggle to incorporate these habits into their daily lives. Not because they don’t care – they just may not know where to begin. That’s where we hope to help!

We’ve partnered with Healthy Human to create a co-branded drink tumbler. By offering our patients this reusable beverage container we hope to minimize the need for takeaway coffee cups or single-use, plastic bottles. A small daily habit change with a meaningful impact.

Clear Blue Smiles and Healthy Human Co-Branded Project

Choosing reusable drinkware can make a big impact on the environment

Opting for a reusable cup may not seem like a huge change, but it can significantly impact the amount of plastic that goes into our oceans and waterways. Around the globe over 300 million tons of plastic is produced each year. While only a small percentage of that plastic becomes ocean plastic (3%), the impact on shorelines around the world is huge. This is because 79% of plastic that enters waterways resurfaces on shorelines, making them especially vulnerable to plastic pollution.

“We know plastic is great for moving teeth, but it is also terrible for the environment,” said Dr. Bill Crutchfield, Founder and Chief Clinical Officer of Clear Blue Smiles.

The small act of using refillable cups prevents at least a few containers from becoming waste. Perhaps more importantly, it shows others that healthy habits for the planet matter to you. And who knows, you might inspire them to also make changes!  

Clear Blue Smiles will send out the co-branded tumblers in new patient gift packs that will also include eco-friendly floss and bamboo toothbrushes. A few more tools that can aid our patients in making more eco-conscious decisions in their daily lives. Additionally, by reusing the compostable packaging of the co-branded tumblers, we will cut down on unnecessary packaging.  Just a few ways we can assist our patients in having healthy habits that have a positive impact on the environment

Brand Partnership Extends Our Environment Impact

Environmental partners working to make a difference

Our goal is to leave things better than we found them…from your smile to our planet. We believe it’s our duty to not just have a neutral impact on our world, but to make it better.  As such, we seek to partner with vendors and other brands who share this vision.

“We are thrilled to be working with Healthy Human, a company that shares our passion for quality and sustainability”, said Kevin Dillard, CEO of Clear Blue Smiles. 

Extending our combined impact further, both Healthy Human and Clear Blue Smiles have partnered with Ocean Blue Project to remove plastic from the oceans for a combined impact. Ocean Blue Project engages a network of community volunteers to clean beaches and rivers by removing debris and planting trees and shrubs along waterways. Community involvement helps spread awareness and a sense of achievement. 

We have pledged to work with the organization to remove 100x the amount of plastic used in our clear aligner treatments. Healthy Human has also collaborated with Ocean Blue Project. They plan to fund the removal of 60,000 pounds of plastic by awarding co-branded water bottles to people when they donate. Brand partnerships like these are important for creating a better future and are vital to show our customers we are committed to environmental responsibility and stewardship.

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