We Tried Aligner-Friendly Gum – And Loved It!

Active by OrthoGum

Let’s be real – the most difficult part of clear aligner treatment isn’t the aligners themselves. It’s not being able to snack, drink coffee, or pop mints through the day. That’s why we were so excited to discover Active by OrthoGum, the ortho approved gum designed to work with your clear aligners. Its ultra-tacky texture keeps the gum from sticking to your aligners (or your shoes, or your carpet…) so you can chew it throughout your treatment without the sticky mess.

We’re thrilled to partner with OrthoGum to include their product in our new patient welcome kits. “Clear Blue Smiles is on the cutting-edge of orthodontic technology, and we love working with similarly minded companies,” says Clear Blue Smiles CEO and Co-Founder, Kevin Dillard. “We can’t wait to introduce our patients to a product that will make their treatment even smoother and more comfortable.”

Why We’re Crazy For Active by OrthoGum

Not only does OrthoGum keep our mouths busy during the day – it can actually help aligners do their job even better. Here are a few ways it can help:

The chewing motion activates your body’s ligament cellular response, which helps your teeth move even faster.

Chewing gum relieves any pain you may experience when switching to a new aligner.

Chewing increases saliva production, which helps reduce plaque and keeps your aligners cleaner.

OrthoGum is naturally sugar free, but still tastes great and helps reduce the urge to snack.

For more info the science behind OrthoGum, or to order some for yourself, visit orthogum.com. New Clear Blue Smiles patients will also have a chance to try it out for free as part of our welcome pack. We hope you love it as much as we do!

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