Why Choose Clear Aligners?

Curious why you should choose clear aligners instead of metal braces? They are more aesthetic, can move teeth faster, and offer many more conveniences than traditional bracket and wire metal braces.

It’s estimated that 80-85% of all orthodontic cases could be treated with clear aligner therapy. That’s why we partner with expert dentists and orthodontists to do the diagnostic work to determine if you are a candidate. If you are eligible, there is no reason not to choose clear aligners. They can do everything traditional braces can and, in our opinion, do it better. This was not the case 20, 10 or even five years ago, but technology has advanced at a mind-boggling rate to help diagnose and treat smiles.

There are some patients – about 15-20% of cases – that won’t be eligible to use clear aligners. These cases tend to be more difficult and require ongoing, personally supervised treatment. However, as technology advances the percentage of patients who aren’t candidates for clear aligners will diminish.

Why clear aligner treatment is better than traditional braces

For those patients who qualify for clear aligner treatment, we wanted to share a short list of reasons why clear aligners are the better choice when compared to traditional braces:

Clear aligners are aesthetically pleasing—nearly invisible! They don’t interfere with pictures and social life.  Some studies show that metal braces are the first target for childhood bullies.

On average, they move teeth faster and with less pain—because the movement is more constant and subtle.  With our product, there are no arbitrary delays in treatment—simply change out the aligner trays every two weeks for consistent and constant movement.

No dietary restrictions!  Eat all the taffy, hard candy and corn-on-the-cob you want!*

Better hygiene—no more flossing in between each tooth while threading that floss through wires.  With clear aligners, simply remove them, floss and brush, clean the aligners, and put them back in—all in less than five minutes.

Less chance of nasty problems at the end of treatment, like enamel erosion, white spot lesions, decay around brackets, and other complications.

*We’re in charge of your teeth, not your waistline…so don’t take our dietary advice out of context.

Will my teenager wear clear aligners?

We are commonly asked, “but what if my teenager just doesn’t wear it all day?” Well, “compliance” is a problem across all orthodontic treatment scenarios – not just clear aligners. With aligners, the detriment to not wearing them as prescribed means that treatment will take longer than it otherwise would, because teeth are not moving as steadily and as quickly.

Non-compliance also exists with traditional metal braces, but the consequences have far more serious implications. Failing to properly floss when you have metal brackets and wires can lead to advanced decay, gum tissue loss, “white spot lesions” on the tooth, and lost enamel – to name a few.

Don’t believe us? Ask any orthodontist – or orthodontic assistant/hygienist – and they will tell you that one of the most common issues that lead to unhappy patients at the end of treatment can all be traced back to a lack of compliance while wearing braces.

One of the most important “compliance” issues when wearing metal brackets and wires is keeping appointments. Those appointment are crucial as the orthodontist needs to tighten the wires in order for the teeth to move. So, what happens when your child has a test pop up they can’t miss? Or you get a flat tire? Or you can’t leave work to get them to their appointment? Treatment is delayed until the next time the orthodontist can fit you in…which could be weeks. That’s a lot of lost time that the teeth could be moving.

With our system, the teeth move steadily, predictably, and safely.  You don’t have to worry about making monthly appointments at the orthodontist’s office, and you don’t have to spend 10+ minutes each day threading floss through every. single. tooth. Think of all that time saved, not having to stay on top of your kid’s dental hygiene routine, or wasting time going to and from a doctor’s office.

So should you choose clear aligners instead of metal braces? We think so, but we also know they aren’t right for everyone. But we do hope you will trust us to evaluate if they are right for you, and if they are to deliver a healthy, beautiful smile. Curious if you’d be a candidate? Pretty soon, we’ll have a tool on our website to help you figure this out!