Importance of Diagnostic Exams

Importance of Diagnostic Exams


Have you ever wondered if any of the at-home “perfect smile” clear aligner treatments are too good to be true? Chances are, if the treatment does not involve a licensed orthodontist, then the proper precautions aren’t being taken. 


At Clear Blue Smiles, we know that having a general diagnostic exam with a licensed expert is the proper way to ensure a healthy, beautiful smile. That’s why we invented Clear Blue Smiles clear aligner treatment. We combine expert care, advanced technology and the best clear aligners on the market to create better smiles. And we always – ALWAYS – ensure a licensed dentist or orthodontist performs the diagnostic exams.


Ensure you are receiving a comprehensive diagnostic exam by knowing what should be included:


1. X-rays

Good diagnostics before using clear aligners starts with dental x-raysWe know having x-rays done before treatment is important.  However, most companies offering clear aligner therapy don’t require them. That’s because x-rays aren’t required to move teeth. Teeth can be moved with either braces or clear aligners without an x-ray, but the potential to lose some teeth in the near future exists. Why? Because sometimes the root of a tooth, which attaches the visible part of the tooth to the jawbone, isn’t strong enough to support the movement. The only way to know for sure if a root is strong enough is to take an x-ray.

If you’re wondering if anyone else agrees that taking an x-ray should be a requirement for aligning teeth, ask the State of California. California law AB 1519, signed into law by Gov. Newsom on October 14, 2019, requires dentists and orthodontists to review a recent x-ray before treating orthodontic patients.

Think of it like this, how comfortable would you feel with a dietitian, whom you never met, giving you a meal plan without first asking you if you have food allergies, diabetes, or even like avocados? It just doesn’t make sense. And neither does moving teeth without seeing if they’re healthy enough to be moved.


2. Periodontal Exam

We believe periodontal exams are equally as important. These exams test the gum line of each and every tooth. Testing the gum line reveals if the gum tissue is healthy or not. Moving teeth with unhealthy gum tissue can cause permanent damage – and even tooth and gum tissue loss.

At Clear Blue Smiles, we think periodontal exams should be a requirement but, believe it or not, they are not. There is an ongoing academic debate within the orthodontic industry over whether these exams are worth the orthodontist’s time.  We believe it is. Every potential patient will be fully examined to ensure that their gum tissue is healthy.


3. Three-dimensional scan or impression of the teeth

Three-dimensional scans or impressions of the teeth allow our orthodontists to see what your tooth structure looks like and how your teeth align together. This is the most vital test to help them design your new, picture-perfect smile.


4. Orthodontic photos

Orthodontic photos are pictures of your smile from the front and sides of your mouth. These photos help orthodontists see how a relates to the rest of ones facial aesthetics. Orthodontic treatment is a combination of art and science. Without these photos it’s hard to incorporate the art to your treatment. These orthodontic pictures allow orthodontists to ensure your teeth are aligned to look their best.


5. Dental exam/clearance

This is a general exam to ensure there are no cavities – or other general dental issues – present that could interfere with treatment. Minor cavities don’t necessarily prohibit you from beginning treatment with a Clear Blue Smiles provider, but they need to be aware of such issues.


We know that these periodontal exams aren’t cheap and can take a bit of time. However, when it comes to your permanent teeth, we believe in quality healthcare. If you are serious about obtaining your perfect smile trust Clear Blue Smiles to provide the best clear aligner treatment on the market. We aim to be the best clear aligner brand on the market. Don’t wait any longer, contact us today to get started!

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