The Trusted Teleorthodontic Alternative

The introduction of teleorthodontics – sometimes referred to as ‘do-it-yourself’ or ‘mail order clear braces’ – has fast-tracked changes in orthodontics in a way we’ve never seen before. What once was an expensive treatment for aligning teeth, now has become more affordable and accessible.


Here are some important things to know about this growing industry:


  • Teleorthodontics is a booming market. In fact, one at-home-aligners company was recently valued at $8.9 billion. Why? Price and convenience are generating unstoppable consumer demand. 


  • Associations and state dental boards are largely powerless to “stop” any company from offering marketing and business services, including advertisements, for dental professionals offering teledental or teleorthodontic services. 


  • States, most notably California, are beginning to take action to protect their citizens against potentially harmful clear aligner business practices, such as companies providing teledentistry without at least reading a recent radiograph on patients. 



The Difference

Teleorthodontics is NOT do-it-yourself braces/aligners. DIY does not involve a doctor in any part of the process while teleorthodontics does utilize a licensed orthodontist to diagnose, plan, render, and monitor treatment progress of patients.


We believe – and think most orthodontists would agree – that teleorthodontics CAN be performed safely and effectively at a lower cost than traditional metal braces. And now your patients don’t have to search outside of your practice to find a teleorthodontic option. Dentists and orthodontists can now partner with us to retain their patients – and get new ones – by offering a teleorthodontic option.


When it comes to safety and efficiency in teleorthodontics, Clear Blue Smiles is your best option. Why?



From state regulations to understanding the latest digital orthodontic practices, our commitment to ensuring that we are above-board in all aspects of our business makes us unique in the at-home-aligners space. We work to answer all of the concerns raised by the American Association of Orthodontists in their Guide to Teledentistry and always comply with all state legislation and regulations, often exceeding the standard of care practiced in most brick-and-mortar orthodontic offices.


The services we offer allow dentists and orthodontists to expand their offerings to include remote alternatives for their patients, while promising that only orthodontists will provide the treatment.


A Partner You Can Trust

Clear Blue Smiles is a company with which established orthodontists are proud to partner.


  • We don’t hide the names of our providers. 


  • Our patients know who is treating them at all times. 


  • Our orthodontic partners exercise independent judgment over patient eligibility and treatment plan. 



With the astronomical growth in teleorthodontics, we offer dentists and orthodontists a way to leverage the market in order to ethically increase their leads and revenue. With our extensive background and highest treatment standards, you can rest easy knowing that we aren’t cutting corners or doing anything but advancing the highest standard of care on clear aligner patients.


Join us, and let us be your teleorthodontic option in your practice—ride the wave of demand for remote treatment—and know that your ethics and standard of care won’t be compromised.