Learn the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about clear aligners and Clear Blue Smiles

Who is Clear Blue Smiles?

An innovative clear aligner delivery company that believes orthodontics should only be done by licensed dentists and orthodontists. We believe that qualified professionals should do the initial diagnostics, not the patient. The Clear Blue Smiles way exhaustively diagnoses and examines all potential patients to determine if they can benefit from our treatment. Only those who can benefit from our services are accepted.

How do I know that Clear Blue Smiles is a legitimate company?

Great question (you’re smart)! All of our founders have an extensive background in orthodontics:


Dr. William Crutchfield is one of our founders, President, and Chief Clinical Officer (in other words the guy who makes sure we treat patients the best way possible), and a board-certified orthodontist with over 32 years of experience. He is also an advisor to a major clear aligner manufacturer and lectures around the world on how to improve the art and science of orthodontics.


Another founder, Kevin Dillard, has nearly 18 years of experience working with the world’s pre-eminent orthodontic association, the American Association of Orthodontists. Ten of those years he served as the chief lawyer and was also the spokesperson for the organization when it came to STANDARD OF CARE issues for CLEAR ALIGNER THERAPY. He also hosted a podcast and has lectured to orthodontic residents across the country on legal risk management.


Our final founder is Dr. Brian Gaudreault, a practicing orthodontist who utilizes technology to bring the highest quality care possible to his patients. He serves on the clinical advisory board and as a faculty member of Orametrix, the creator of SureSmile technology. Additionally, he is an advisory board member of OrthoScience. Dr. Gaudreault brings renowned expertise in clear aligner therapy to Clear Blue Smiles and leads all technology integrations and quality control.


So yeah, we know what we’re doing and we’re legit.

What are clear aligners?

Clear plastic trays designed specifically for a patient that gently and consistently move teeth.  They’re virtually invisible! Clear aligners are often referred to as clear braces or plastic braces.

Why choose clear aligners?

Patients who qualify for Clear Blue Smiles’ treatment using clear aligners can be an excellent alternative to traditional braces. Clear braces can treat teenagers and adults alike, and the clinical effectiveness is indisputable.  Clear aligners often move teeth faster, with less pain, with far fewer dietary restrictions, and with far better hygiene than traditional wires and brackets (“metal braces”).

Can anyone use clear aligners?

Most everyone can use clear aligners! Interested patients will have a complete diagnostic exam performed by one of our dental partners before clear aligner therapy begins. This is the only way to ensure your gums and teeth roots are healthy enough to support treatment. If everything looks good, the state-licensed, Clear Blue Smile orthodontist in your area will create a treatment plan. We always put patient health before profits, so we won’t begin treatment if we know it’s not in your best interest.

How old do you have to be to use clear aligners?

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children should have an orthodontic check-up at age 8, and we agree.  At the age of 8 kids are able to wear clear aligners, or clear braces as some people call them. Generally, plastic braces are better for teenagers and adults than for smaller children, but every smile is unique-and our expert orthodontists will know if they can treat you or your child.

Are all clear aligners the same?

All clear aligners are not created equally!  In orthodontics – as well as everything else in life – you get what you pay for.  One of the main considerations in your clear aligner company choice should be the quality of plastic used. Clear Blue Smiles works with one of the world’s largest dental companies, and our orthodontists know and trust their product and believe it’s the best.


It’s not only the quality of the material making up the aligner itself, but also the quality of diagnostics taken on each patient.  An incorrect test could produce aligners that cut into gum tissue or move teeth incorrectly, which can lead to irreversible results.  That’s why Clear Blue Smiles is committed to doing things the right way, for you.

Do I need to see an orthodontist each month with Clear Blue Smiles?

You do not need to see an orthodontist each month while being treated by Clear Blue Smiles. Traditional braces require patients to see their orthodontist regularly – usually monthly – to increase the tension on the brackets, as that is what makes the teeth move.


Clear aligners are switched out by the patient about every two weeks.  There are no brackets and wires to tighten, so the only reason to see an orthodontist regularly while in treatment is to monitor overall oral health.  We accomplish this with our digital monitoring system that eliminates the need for monthly visits! No more taking off of work, or taking kids out of school.  No more driving across town to the orthodontist.  We do it all-from the convenience of your home.

Do I have to do the impressions myself?

You do not need to do dental impressions yourself! Let’s leave that to the professionals. All diagnostics are done in a dental office, by a one of our licensed dental partners.

What does treatment cost with Clear Blue Smiles?

Clear Blue Smiles clear aligner treatment total cost is less than $5,000. We don’t up-sell. There are no hidden costs. Our costs are up to 60% less than what many orthodontists would charge for the same treatment.

Can I use my health or dental insurance for treatment?

Clear Blue Smiles does not process insurance, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use insurance! It’s possible your insurance will reimburse for your clear braces.  Some dental plans cover part – or all – of the cost of treatment. You may also be able to use FSAs, HSAs, or other savings plans. We’ll provide all receipts and information you need to help facilitate your reimbursement.

Does Clear Blue Smiles offer financing or payment plans?

Yes, you can finance your clear aligner treatment at 0% for at least one year with our financing partners.

Is Clear Blue Smiles treatment cheaper than traditional metal braces?

Yes, Clear Blue Smiles is generally less expensive than traditional braces. Our flat-rate price is less than $5,000. Most metal and wire braces cost somewhere between $5,500 and $8,000.

How can Clear Blue Smiles afford to charge less for treatment than my orthodontist?

Clear Blue Smiles has lower overhead costs by operating as a clear aligner delivery company. Without offices and expensive equipment we are able to reduce costs and focus on excellent service. We devote our attention to what matters – your smile – not what movie is showing in the waiting room.

There are other clear aligner companies that appear to offer the same treatment at a lower cost. Why choose Clear Blue Smiles?

There are multiple reasons to choose us! The old adage “you get what you pay for” is true, especially in health care. Our clear aligners are state-of-the-art and utilize the latest technology.  We believe in setting the gold standard of treatment for the industry and not cutting any corners. All diagnostics are done in a dental office and every patient is treated and monitored by a licensed orthodontist.


Having licensed professionals complete the testing ensures that you will receive the proper treatment recommendation and clear aligner plan. Your treatment will be approved and overseen only by orthodontists licensed in your state. Many other similar companies don’t offer the quality clear aligners, and don’t include state licensed orthodontists in your care. We do it the RIGHT WAY.

What do if I lose one of my clear aligners?

Mistakes can happen to anyone. Clear Blue Smiles will replace some of your aligners at no charge.  If you lose more than four aligners there will be a nominal fee. The bigger cost of a lost clear aligner is time—time that your smile isn’t improving.  We encourage all of our patients to keep that in mind!

Do you have a hashtag I can use on social media?

Yes! To help support Clear Blue Smiles and our mission of creating a better planet, you can use: #clearbluesmiles #clearblueocean #bettersmilebetterplanet #sustainablesmiles

What does your partnership between Clear Blue Smiles and the Ocean Blue Project have to do with my teeth?

Clear Blue Smiles is passionate about leaving things better than we found them…from your smile to the environment.  The dental industry hasn’t had the best track record in terms of environmental sustainability, and that needs to change.


We believe it’s our duty to not just have a neutral impact on our world, but to make it better.  That’s why, for every patient, we are working with the Ocean Blue Project to remove up to 100 times the amount of plastic and waste in the world’s oceans, streams, and beaches than what we produce.


We know plastic is great for moving teeth, but terrible for the environment.  Clear Blue Smiles is all about sustainability…creating a sustainable smile for you, and creating a sustainable world for us all to enjoy!

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