Clear Blue Smiles was designed for you

“As a mother of 4, my time is precious…now I don’t have to sacrifice time for quality of orthodontic care for my kids!”
– Dr. Stephanie Whitley, pediatric dentist

No extra office visits or appointments

No more wasting time fighting traffic and using vacation time for an office visit. Our advanced remote monitoring system allows you to check in via an app on your phone…from wherever and whenever you want.

Access your orthodontist & records anytime

All cases are overseen by orthodontists and you will know who your orthodontist is and how to reach them! You will be able to see where you are in your treatment, plus recommendations made by your doctor.

Get started for free

We don’t charge anything to get started, and we make it as easy as possible to get the smile you want. Start with our free smile evaluation to determine if you are a clear aligner candidate.


Free, virtual smile evaluation to determine of clear aligners are right for your smile.


Receive complete diagnostics taken by a licensed dentist or orthodontist.


Receive your clear aligners within 3 weeks after your Smile Review.


Your orthodontist will monitor your progress weekly by using remote monitoring.

See How We Stack Up

Clear Blue Smiles vs. Ortho Office

Clear Blue Smiles Ortho Office
Convenient at-home treatment
Transparent pricing and no upcharges
Complete, professionally administered diagnostics
Complimentary retainer
No appointment scheduling hassle
Take your scans any time, 24/7
Only works on teeth healthy enough for treatment
Addresses cosmetic AND alignment concerns
Eco-conscious business model

One great fit knows another