We are now recruiting dental and orthodontic affiliates in your area! We value your expertise, and would love for you to join us in shaping the future of teleorthodontics.

Minimal Time Investment

The average time needed for a CBS patient scan is approximately 30 minutes.

Maximize Your Earnings

Average compensation is $525, with all diagnostics able to be taken by licensed assistants.

How Partners Earn

Partner with us as a Smile Center to perform diagnostics on potential clear aligner patients.

As a partner, Clear Blue Smiles will send you new patient leads based off our marketing research.

Offer clear aligner treatment to your patients instead of referring them to other orthodontists, with the trust you know we’re doing things right.

Our team has hand-selected some of the top-rated practices to join us in shaping the future of oral health. If you have a passion for utilizing the latest technology to offer the best patient experience, want to maximize the value of your practice, or care about propelling the dental industry in a more sustainable and eco-friendly direction, fill out the short form below and we will be in touch soon.

How it Works

Patients get diagnostics at dentist office

Dentist transfers records

We handle final approval for treatment & treatment plan

Dentist paid with 30 days of patient starting clear aligner treatment

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    Does your office have the capability to take 3D imagery (i.e. iTermo, Trios, etc.)?

    Do you charge a transfer fee for records to orthodontists to whom you refer patients?

    Would you be interested in being compensated for taking basic diagnostics on potential aligner patients?

    Would you be interested in being listed on the Clear Blue Smiles dentist locator on clearbluesmiles.com?

    How do you prefer we follow-up with you? Email or phone call?

    Clear Blue Smiles
    Your Practice

    Benefit # 1 - No Extra Hiring Needed

    No extra hiring, scheduling, or training required

    Increased patient opportunities for ortho candidates & CBS referrals

    No searching for additional office space

    Paid upfront on all cases (no collections or long accounts receivable)

    New, high-demand product offering for current patients

    Immediate profit gains on day 1

    Let’s Talk

    Looking for a little more info before you fill out the form? No problem! Schedule a call with one of our founders, Dr. Gaudreault, DDS., to talk more about your business, goals, and how Clear Blue Smiles can help prepare your office for the future of orthodontics.

    Kevin Dillard

    CEO and Co-Founder

    Dr. Bill Crutchfield

    CCO and Co-Founder

    Dr. Brian Gaudreault

    VP, Chief Technology and Quality Officer and Co-Founder